Introducing our Squeal Rum Ambassadors!

Our Squeal Brand Ambassadors know how to “GO PIG OR GO HOME”, rocking our their respective fields with everything they’ve got.

Lizzie Brodie Squeal Rum AbassadorLizzy

Lizzy Brodie is a premier Denver Events, Marketing and Promotions Consultant. In an industry where knowing people is important, Lizzy is the person to know. Her success in music and fashion have made her one of Denver’s hottest networking, marketing and branding experts. A lover of all things Hip Hop, grown from her East Coast roots and musical education, she is a hip-hop blogger and proclaims an interest in DopeShitOnly. Oh, and lemons. She likes lemon with her water.

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Hosts of the Nationally Syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show – Voted BEST Morning Radio Show and BEST Customer Service the “most positive business talk show in America*”.The Experience Pros Radio Show has served the small business community since November of 2009, and has won numerous awards.

They are the founders of The Extreme Customer Service Directory, Fan Braggin’® Friday & more. Between the two of them they are bestselling authors of 7 books including “Lists That Saved My Business.”

Their personal influence on both JP & Monika (owners of Squeal Rum) has allowed their company to become more visible, as well as be a positive part of the community. JP says, ‘Their mentorship means the world to us, their support means even more.’

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Dan Wilson Squeal Brand AmbassadorDan

Dan Wilson is a professional Muay Thai Fighter with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Referred to at the art of 8 weapons, this fighting style uses fists, elbows, knees and feet to strike opponents. He has trained and fought around the world for the last 8 years. He is a Striking coach at Easton Training Center- Denver and Boulder Locations. When he’s not kicking ass, he enjoys skateboarding and fine foods and drinks.

Find him on Facebook and not a dark alley:

Tim Wegner Squeal Rum AmbassadorTim

Tim Wenger is the owner of Inkwell Media Services, a producer of media content in the world of music, travel and winter sports. He books talent and manages music festivals and venues. A journalist by training, a music lover by calling, he also runs a weekly internet talk show.


He’s a busy guy, but you can stalk his every move here:



Chris Evans is a professional musician, singer/songwriter, producer and music teacher. Owner of Modern Art Rock Studios and Founder of Sound Minded Music Academy his intention is to build the very best musicians in the Denver area.


Catch one of his shows, learn to play or make your album with this guy:


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