About JP and Monika Krause

JP is a Native here in CO, and loves to share his passions about all that is Colorado. His years of working as Executive Chef in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Local Hospitals has inspired the flavors behind SQUEAL RUM. His Passion for Pop & Street Art is alive and well, and reflects the voice of his generation with a fun new look.

Monika is from a small town in Poland, where distillers pride themselves and quality not quantity. The long traditions of Polish distilleries has inspired her to create a clean and rich rum that is so smooth you can actually just sip on it as if it were a cognac or a port. Monika’s work in the hospitality trade has given her insights on how to create customer friendly service focused brand, while not sacrificing the quality.

JP & Monika have been married since 2006, and the flying pig represents how the 2 of them ‘made the impossible possible’ and how flying half way around the world to chase love is worth every second. Their passions for hiking, biking, and spending time in the Colorado outdoors has given them the inspiration to start a new adventure, Squeal Rum, and share the Colorado spirit with our consumers.

Whether in LoDo, enjoying a show in Red Rocks, tailgating at Mile High, or camping in Rocky Mt. National Park, we know that our vision will show through. Being able to cheer on what makes CO special with friends and family, and not being afraid to put it out there.