Extreme sports squeal rum denver colorado

Extreme Winter Sports

Extreme sports squeal rum denver coloradoExtreme Winter Sports

Here in Colorado, this quick burst of snow has us excited about the ‘ski’ season. Being a ‘snowboarder’ the drive of adrenaline sports has always been something I have been attracted to. The quick rise of the snowskate has caught my attention in recent years, the evolution into no bindings, a short board, and the ability to pull it out to do tricks in the neighborhood has made this the new go to sport for the wintery season.

If you’re like us and love to ‘GO PIG OR GO HOME’ these sports might be for you:


Also known as board kiting, involves grabbing your board and letting the wind take you to amazing speeds. If you have been windsurfing and loved it, this is the extreme winter sports edition.

Beginner lessons are offered on flat snow packed surfaces or even frozen lakes in areas away from general public for safety. Participants will begin by practicing with small kites that are not able to lift them off the ground while they wear skis or snowboards to practice general maneuvering skills. Helmets and normal outdoor winter sports attire and hydration is required.

Experienced water kiters still require a lesson to expose the surfer  to the element of snow, rather than water.

Snow Kayak

Snow kayaking is also known as snow boating, which sounds like showboating, which is a bit like what this extreme winter sport is about. In order to do amazing tricks, like snow kayaker William “Jam Boy” Griffith, you must have a play boat. Otherwise, just fly down the mountain in a creek boat where you can reach speeds that long to rival the bobsled, but, you know, far less controlled.

Ski Biking

Part bike and part ski, the ultimate winter bike is built into a board and let’s you carve deep treads down the slopes. To build a snow bike, AKA, skicycle, skibob, skike, take a small, lightweight bike (like a BMX) and get rid of the chain, chain wheel, brakes, pedals and wheels- you won’t need them. Next, add a ski. For the real instructions, check out how to build a ski bike.

Ice Cross

The culmination of hockey skates, a bobsled run, and nerves of steel, the four racers spend less than a minute racing down a steep track complete with jumps, drops and sharp turns. Created and sponsored by Red Bull- would you expect anything less than them?

Shovel Racing

An annual event local here in Steamboat, CO where you sit on a shovel and get dragged down the lane by a horse. Top speeds are reported in the 70 mph range. Watch or participate in their Annual Winter Festival which features shovel racing as well as ski jumping, music, tubing and more.

Being Bold, has it’s perks. If these sports are for you, or if you have a unique way of celebrating winter sports, find out how to be a Squeal ambassador, or enter one of our contests to win some swag.

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