Squeal Rum Tasting Panel Magazine June 2016

Tasting Panel Magazine June 2016 Feature

Squeal Rum Tasting Panel Magazine June 2016

Squeal Rum is featured in the June 2016 edition of Tasting Panel Magazine!

“Go Pig or Go Home.” With a motto like that, it has to be rum made for
a good time. The ultimate goal, though, is that it is also a rum which can
be sipped. Husband and wife team JP and Monika Krause started the
company in Colorado and combine their backgrounds—as a seasoned chef
and a spirit appreciator from Poland, respectively—to create this special
rum. Desiring a hotshot label and a high-quality product, they introduced
Squeal Rum.

At 90 proof, Squeal Rum (SRP $31) is dark in color and has just the right
sweetness on the palate. Great as the lead ingredient in cocktails or on its
own with an ice cube, Squeal Rum strives to show that rum, too, can be
sipped like Scotch or Cognac.

From its deep, espresso hue to a nose of molasses and mocha latte, this
90-proof powerful spiced black rum has a peppered palate that dives deep
into an earthy chocolate core. Baked peaches and burnt toast form an
exotic finish.”

—Allyson Gorsuch