Where does Squeal Rum source their water?

Denver and the metro area get water straight from Rocky Mountain Sources which is why our water tastes better. Squeal Rum has the benefit of this water, right from nature, to the glass, which makes it worth savoring anytime.

Part of the reason why Denver is known for brews and cocktails is because of the water sourced from the Rocky Mountains. About 90% of US Forest Service lands are located in watersheds that contribute to our drinking water and in Colorado we have a strong Forest to Faucet movement which builds our water supply. This conservation initiative improves our water supply as well as reduces wildfire risk.

Where does Squeal Rum source their water?

South Platte River, Dillon Reservoir and Fraser River.

The South Platte River also served as a vital water source in Colorado. Long before the city of Denver was created many travelers came to the South Platte River to escape the arid Great Plains. These people could survive the heat but not without the vital water source that the South Platte River gave them. Buckets and wells sufficed as a water system for a while but eventually the Denver Water System was created.” Source: South Platte River Water

Dillon Reservoir was built in 1963 and is Denver Water’s largest storage facility, holding nearly 40% of Denver’s water supply. With over 26 miles of shoreline and 3,233 acres of surface, year round boating, canoeing, and kayaking are welcome. Trails, camping, hiking and scenery surround the area and in the winter ice fishing and cross country skiing attract locals and tourists alike.

Denver’s water comes from rivers and streams fed by mountain snowmelt. The South Platte River, Blue River, Williams Fork River and Fraser River watersheds are Denver Water’s primary water sources, but it also uses water from the South Boulder Creek, Ralston Creek and Bear Creek watersheds.” SOURCE: Denver Water

Brewers and craft distillers love Colorado water. “Colorado is a source of fresh water for nearly the entire country. About 98 percent of all major rivers are headwatered here in Colorado. So water’s fresh here in Colorado, it’s clean, and brewers are excited to brew with it.” — Steve Kurowski, Operations Director, Colorado Brewers Guild

Colorado’s excellent water source, coupled with the complex flavors of vanilla and peach, barrel aging and the perfect proof, make Squeal Rum Colorado’s best black spiced rum.