Squeal Ambassadors live the Squeal Life.

Living by the motto,  “GO PIG OR GO HOME”, these individuals are dominating their fields.
Whether an athlete, musician, artist or writer they are Squeal Approved.

Lizzie Brodie | Promoter

Growing up on the East coast with a rap-centric musical education, Lizzy Brodie has been a hustler since the beginning.

Her love of all things music and fashion have led to her consistent success, in many fields. Working both in artist and company promotions, she became undeniable to those around her. Truly one of Denver’s Hottest Socialites.

Her website and blog are some of the highest rated here in the city & the best place check out what’s hot. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch.

Lizzy is the go-to person in Denver for all your top-tier branding, marketing, and networking. Through her many followers and inside connections, Lizzy is to make her clients achieve the highest level in their fields. Her affiliate list is extensive and faithful, including but not limited to, Ink Monstr, Redman, Method Man, Mile Hi Music, Welcome To The Dope Game and many more!

In an industry where “who you know” is everything, Lizzy Brodie is the one to know.
  • Lizzie Brodie Squeal Rum Abassador
  • Lizzie Brodie Squeal Rum Abassador

  • Experience Pros Radio
  • Experience Pros Radio

Angel Tuccy & Eric Reamer | Experience Pros

Hosts of the Nationally Syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show – Voted BEST Morning Radio Show and BEST Customer Service the “most positive business talk show in America*”.

The Experience Pros Radio Show has served the small business community since November of 2009, and has won numerous awards.

They are the founders of The Extreme Customer Service Directory, Fan Braggin’® Friday & more. Between the two of them they are bestselling authors of 7 books including “Lists That Saved My Business.”

Their personal influence on both JP & Monika (owners of Squeal Rum) has allowed their company to become more visible, as well as be a positive part of the community. JP says, ‘Their mentorship means the world to us, their support means even more.’

Connect with Experience Pros on Facebook and Twitter.

Tim Wegner | Inkwell media services


About Inkwell Media Services

Inkwell Media Services produces media content for a number of publications and agencies across the music, travel, and winter sports platforms, and
handles talent booking and oversight for music venues and festivals.

We also offer copywriting, editing, and PR services and can help your brand reach its audience with creative, professionally driven content.

About Tim Wenger

Tim Wenger is a Denver-based journalist and music biz aficionado. He has been reporting for multiple publications since 2010. He currently works as a talent buyer and/or coordinator for Herman’s Hideaway, Snowboard on the Block Festival, Higher Ground Music Festival, and more.

After pursuing a BA in English/ Communications from Fort Lewis College in Durango, he jumped in a Ford Econoline for a few years and hung out in dark bars playing ska music and falling in love with travel, good food and local drink. Catch him on his weekly internet talk show on and read his work in Matador Network, MicroShiner, Colorado Music Buzz, and more.

Tim Wegner Brand Ambassador Squeal Rum

  • Dan Wilson Squeal Brand Ambassador
  • Dan Wilson Squeal Brand Ambassador
  • Dan Wilson Squeal Brand Ambassador
  • Dan Wilson Squeal Brand Ambassador

Dan Wilson | Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Dan Wilson is a 27 year old professional Muay Thai fighter based out of Colorado with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses.

Dan has been training and fighting over 8 years, has travelled and fought in Thailand and is currently a Striking Coach at Easton Training Center in Denver and Boulder.

Dan has a passion for fighting, skateboarding, delicious food and beverages.


Chris Evans | Sound Minded Music Academy


Chris Evans has been playing music professionally for over 20 years, from rock clubs to restaurants to weddings and outdoor festivals.

An accomplished singer, guitarist, bass player, songwriter and producer, he has performed and recorded covers and original music in every genre from rock, pop, jazz, metal, classical to RnB, funk, rap, country, blues, electronic and experimental music.

Chris Evans founded Sound Minded Music Academy and offers music lessons full-time out of his newly launched music production and recording studio, Modern Art Rock Studios in South Denver.

Tim Wegner Brand Ambassador Squeal Rum

  • THC Girls Squeal Rum Ambassadors
  • Squeal Rum Brand Ambassadors
  • Squeal Rum Brand Ambassadors
  • Squeal Rum Brand Ambassadors

The High Country Girls

The High Country Girls are a clique of stunning promotional models, brand ambassadors and actresses. Booked by world renowned Musicians, producers, film makers and photographers, The High Country girls are an agency used to fill all needs within the media industry.

What sets The High Country Girls apart from any other talent agency is the transcendence quality of models that it produces and the amount of success they have reached in just a short amount of time.

Located in Denver, CO but not subjected to just this region, The High Country girls will source to any part of the world. The High Country Girls take pride in any production they take part in.

The High Country Girls were founded in 2014 by Krysta Suydam and continues to grow rapidly. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.