Open Bottle Society Squeal Rum Review

@OBSBeers Squeal Rum Video Review

The Open Bottle Society @OBSBeers on Twitter, performed a live video review of Squeal Rum! If you want to know more about how it tastes, enjoy this thorough live tasting! Check out the video review here

Squeal Bowman Heating and Air

Squeal Rum | Bowman Heating and Air

Our Friends at Bowman Heating & Air featured Squeal Rum in their newsletter. Bowman Heating & Air is the award winning go to company in Colorado for HVAC. Check them out online

Squeal Rum Thirst Magazine

Squeal Rum | Thirst Colorado Magazine

See Squeal Rum’s ad in the Spring 2016 edition of Thirst Colorado Magazine. Pick up your issue at your local Colorado liquor store! You will also find Squeal Rum listed on the Colorado Distillery Lineup found in all Thirst Colorado Magazine issues!

Squeal Rum Chef JP Experience Pros

Chef JP Shares Squeal Recipes Live on Experience Pros

  JP Krause, owner of Squeal Rum, will be on @ExperiencePros TV airing Saturday night 1/30/2016 at 6pm MST. Stream live or find a local station at #FanBrag #FanBacon #Denver #SquealRum #ChefLife #Recipe #Cocktail #PositiveBusinessTalk   JP talks about growing a business, and the lessons of customer relationships; and shares some Culinary favorites live.   JP Krause, Celebrity Chef, made …

Squeal Rum Mai-Tai Hotmixology

Hotmixology New Years Eve Featuring Squeal Rum

Dylan and Dave start out 2016 with Squeal Spiced Black Rum. The Flying Pig Mai-Tai In a shaker add: fresh lime juice a couple dashes of bitters orgeat almond syrup grapefruit simple syrup Squeal Spiced Black Rum Huana Guava a few dashes of campari poured over ice served with a lime wedge

The Pullman Glenwood Springs Cola Cake

The Pullman Glenwood Springs | Squeal Rum Baked Alaska

  Chef de Cuisine Chris Randall at the Pullman in Glenwood Springs, created an amazing Squeal Rum Baked Alaska. Topping it with Palisade Peach Ice Cream, it makes Colorado the feature of this great dish! Check out the recipe from this master: Cola Cake 4 cups granulated sugar4 cups cake flour2 Cup Rocky Mountain Cola3 cups marshmallow fluff1 cup butter 1 cup olive oil6 tablespoons dutch cocoa powder2 teaspoons baking soda1 cup buttermilk4 …

10 Ways a Small Business Startup is Like a Kitchen

Cooking at home is fun, running your business should be too. Both include measuring, stirring, sharing and community. Being a Chef requires certain skills, and I have been able to use what I have learned in the kitchen to grow as an entrepreneur. You must be able to find direction in chaos Being able to focus on the task at …

Where does Squeal Rum source their water?

Denver and the metro area get water straight from Rocky Mountain Sources which is why our water tastes better. Squeal Rum has the benefit of this water, right from nature, to the glass, which makes it worth savoring anytime. Part of the reason why Denver is known for brews and cocktails is because of the water sourced from the Rocky …