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Apple Pie Moonshine: A recipe from Squeal Rum

In this season of cold weather and warming spices, we take a little spin of the classic Apple Pie Moonshine, and put a Squealing touch of our own on it. The Squeal Black Spice Rum, adds a bit of deep body to the cider, and the cinnamon really brings it up to your nose. Personally I like to add fresh …

Orgeat Syrup

Orgeat Syrup This recipe was given to me by Master Mixologist Dylan Holcomb of Hotmixology TV. Orgeat Syrup is a sweet syrup with a pronounced almond taste and is used in several cocktails as a mixer. The most common use is in the Mai Tai, a polynesian cocktail. Shake with ice: 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice 3/4 oz orgeat syrup …

Squeal Rum Holiday Recipes Hotmixology

Hotmixology TV Home For The Holidays

Hot Mixology TV’s Dave & Dylan invite Squeal Rum Owner JP Krause, to the show with these holiday recipes. Dylan Creates a new cocktail, ‘Squeal For The Sunrise’ Fresh Lime Juice Housemade Simple Syrup Squeal Spiced Black Rum Shaken, poured in a Colins Glass Added Club Soda Drizzeled with Creme de Casis and Grenadine Salud!! Pretzel & Squeal Cheese Dip …

The fragrant vanilla extract from squeal rum colorado

Vanilla and Rum in a Tree- K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Vanilla helps you feel good, lose weight, calms the nerves and its lovely musky fragrance is infused in products from lotions to air fresheners to lip balms. We just want this stuff on us. Vanilla is also the most popular American ice cream flavor. Chefs have been using vanilla in many signature dishes, mostly desert options, as it pairs well …

The Squeal Watermelon Crush Hotmixology

Squeal Watermelon Crush | Hotmixology

In this Fruit Forward Cocktail Episode, Dylan makes a Squeal Watermelon Crush. We are always excited to see what he can create! The Squeal Spiced Black Rum Segment starts at 5:47  

Hotmixology Squeal Rum Recipes

Squeal and Buzzed Mai Tai | Hotmixology

  This week’s episode included Sunset Cocktails and the made a Squeal & Buzzed Mai Tai. They mix it with the buzz balls, lime juice, almond syrup, orange bitters. Mixed with a dry shake and served over ice and drizzled with house made grenadine.  

Squeal Spiced Black Rum Hotmixology

Hotmixology TV BBQ Cocktails 2015

Check out the newest episode of Hotmixology TV ‘BBQ Cocktails 2015 Dylan makes the summer classic mojito and reimagines it a new way. The Squeal Grilled Pineapple Squeal Mojito is not only creative, but tastes great.