Hotmixology Squeal Rum Cooler Cocktail

Squealed Up Cooler Cocktail

In Hotmixology’s Made in the Shade episode, Squeal Rum is featured in the Squealed Up Cooler Cocktail. Mixed with Unique Energy Drink, Squeal Black Spiced Rum gives you a kick you’ll remember. Fresh Lime Juice & Fresh Peaches Muddled give you an accent of great flavors.

Hotmixology Squeal Rum

The Squeal Spiced Caipirinia

Hotmixology and Squeal Spiced Black Rum take you on a vacation in a glass with this amazing cocktail. The SQUEAL SPICED CAIPIRINIA mixes line, jalapeno, sugar & Squeal Spiced Black Rum. This easy to mix drink is best enjoyed on a patio with friends.

Squeal and Sage Cocktail Hotmixology

The Squeal and Sage Cocktail

Mixing Fresh with Hotmixology and Squeal Rum, Dylan & Dave bring a new idea to your cocktail menu. Blackberries, Sage, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup & Squeal Spiced Black Rum is all you need to impress your guests.

Squeal Peach Mint Cooler Hotmixology

The Squeal Peach Mint Cooler

Dave & Dylan created a refreshing drink with their Squeal Peach Mint Cooler in the frozen cocktails episode. This tropical delight is made with peaches, pineapples, mint, simple syrup, lemon juice and Squeal Spiced Black Rum.

Squeal Rum Mai-Tai Hotmixology

Hotmixology New Years Eve Featuring Squeal Rum

Dylan and Dave start out 2016 with Squeal Spiced Black Rum. The Flying Pig Mai-Tai In a shaker add: fresh lime juice a couple dashes of bitters orgeat almond syrup grapefruit simple syrup Squeal Spiced Black Rum Huana Guava a few dashes of campari poured over ice served with a lime wedge

Squeal Rum Holiday Recipes Hotmixology

Hotmixology TV Home For The Holidays

Hot Mixology TV’s Dave & Dylan invite Squeal Rum Owner JP Krause, to the show with these holiday recipes. Dylan Creates a new cocktail, ‘Squeal For The Sunrise’ Fresh Lime Juice Housemade Simple Syrup Squeal Spiced Black Rum Shaken, poured in a Colins Glass Added Club Soda Drizzeled with Creme de Casis and Grenadine Salud!! Pretzel & Squeal Cheese Dip …

The Squeal Watermelon Crush Hotmixology

Squeal Watermelon Crush | Hotmixology

In this Fruit Forward Cocktail Episode, Dylan makes a Squeal Watermelon Crush. We are always excited to see what he can create! The Squeal Spiced Black Rum Segment starts at 5:47  

Hotmixology Squeal Rum Recipes

Squeal and Buzzed Mai Tai | Hotmixology

  This week’s episode included Sunset Cocktails and the made a Squeal & Buzzed Mai Tai. They mix it with the buzz balls, lime juice, almond syrup, orange bitters. Mixed with a dry shake and served over ice and drizzled with house made grenadine.